Our team of volunteers


We are pleased to introduce to you a group of our volunteers, currently working with ICBUW.


Ilia Kukin: „Born and raised in Moscow, Russia, I got my degree in law at Humboldt University in Berlin and am working with ICBUW since May 2019. I started as an intern and then decided to continue my work, as it is a brilliant opportunity to make myself more familiar with international human rights law mechanisms in general & the depleted uranium topic. I see it as an important issue – everybody is talking about nuclear or toxic weapons and only a few mention a problem of a similar character – the DU. In the times of instrumentalization of the DU issue, politicians from various sides of the political spectrum are speculating and blaming each other for war crimes, forgetting about the victims, and leaving them without any help. This must change, and it is up to such NGOs as ICBUW to educate, to inform the people, and to supply them with facts, not opinions – we have no right to humbly wait for another DU-disaster.“


Alexandre Taalba

Alexandre Taalba is a Ph.D. student in Aesthetics, Sciences, and Technologies of Arts at the University of Paris VIII Vincennes-Saint-Denis and a research-student in the Department of Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies, Culture and Representation course at the University of Tokyo. His research deals with the representations of the atomic bomb in Japanese postwar, contemporary art, and cinema. His focus is mainly on the concepts of memory, nothingness, and virtuality in the Atomic Age. Since his approach is based on a philosophical background, he argues that Tanabe Hajime’s expression “the era of atomic fear”, considered as ontological anxiety, seems to illustrate nuclear issues propensity to intersect with the debate on modernity in postwar Japan and the political activism in the ’60s. From a historical perspective, he studies the filiations between the postwar Peace movements and the contemporary anti-nuclear activism, as well as their relations with direct action and alternative artistic scenes. His interest in war witnesses, such as oral history, documentary, photographic archives, or Peace Museum’s collections, leads him to join ICBUW.


Nadine Isabelle Kas: „I am currently studying Political Science and Public Law in a bachelor’s degree and actively supporting ICBUW in its social media campaign. As the UNO is saying: “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a milestone document in the history of human rights” but humans all around the world are mistreated and their rights infringed. As part of the NGO ICBUW, I realized that violations of international humanitarian law, human rights as well as of environmental protection go hand in hand and that it is our responsibility to act as we are in a position that allows us to do so.“


Arina Shpanova

Arina Shpanova

„I’m from Moscow, Russia. I am currently studying cultural studies with a focus on linguistics at the European University Viadrina. I decided to start an internship at ICBUW because I am convinced that the activities of NGOs are very valuable for our society. I admire people who care about protecting human rights, and I wanted to be useful in that area too. I am involved in supporting social media and take part in the organization of the events. It is an honor and a pleasure to be part of this team.“