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“The Children of Fallujah: The Medical Mystery at the Heart of the Iraq War” – a most striking article on the complexity of the DU issue

15. Mai 2021 Blog posts, ICBUW

The city of Fallujah lies approximately seventy kilometres west of Baghdad on the Euphrates river and has been battling a severe humanitarian crisis since November 2004 when the city experienced brutal fighting between Iraqi insurgents and US-led forces using depleted uranium. The long-term consequences of which are still affecting the local community to this day. […]

New scientific articles on Gulf War Syndrome, DU-Nanoparticles and the problematic political framework of DU

5. Oktober 2020 Blog posts, ICBUW

The article „Depleted uranium and Gulf War Illness: Updates and comments on possible mechanisms behind the syndrome“ appeared in February 2020 in Environmental Research and was written by Geir Bjørklunda, Lyudmila Pivinab, Maryam Dadard, Yuliya Semenovab, Md Mostafizur Rahmane, Salvatore Chirumbolof, and Jan Aasethh. It deals with toxic substances, including DU, which is suspected of […]