Internship in the field of disarmament and environmental policy from February 2024:

We offer: Internship within the scope of the activity of ICBUW /IALANA (compensated with 400€/month)
Background: The International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons ( and the International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms ( have been committed for years to ban those weapons as a particularly abhorrent form of environmental destruction caused by war and the military. The work is embedded in the context of victim assistance and environmental remediation, against the background of IHL, Human Rights and Environmental Law standards, of existing conventional (such as the TPNW), or customary international law.
Tasks and requirements:
  • Content and organizational-logistical support of ICBUW/IALANA
  • Research and lobbying; preparation of events and actions; maintenance of the website and social media; publications, media and lobby work
  • Depending on qualification/field of study/interest: possibility of professional profiling (law, political science and others) –  educational and training character of the internship
  • Interest in peace, disarmament and environmental issues and corresponding commitment
  • Foreign language skills: German and English; others if possible
Time scale and working hours:
  • 3 months
  • flexible, by arrangement
Contact: Prof. Dr. Manfred Mohr (Co-chair ICBUW; Founding Member Int. Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms, IALANA, and German Association of Int. Law, DGIR)

Place of work: Seat of ICBUW/IALANA Berlin Office (Marienstr. 19-20, 10117 Berlin) or flexible/remote.