Who we are

The use of uranium weapons (DU ammunition) and its consequences is a particularly frightening example of environmental destruction by war and of the military use of toxic substances with serious harm to humans and nature. The International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons (ICBUW) coordinates campaigning against DU ammunition worldwide within the framework of the United Nations. In particular, the campaign is supported by the IPPNW (International Doctors for the Prevention of Nuclear War) and the IALANA (Lawyers Against Atomic, Biological and Chemical Weapons). Established in 2003 in Berlaar, Belgium, ICBUW has had special consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) since 2005.

The Coalition provides the framework for dealing with all aspects of the uranium weapons issue and seeks to bring peace, human rights and environmental movements closer together on this issue.

The starting point is the fundamental rejection of war as a means of conflict resolution. War always means destruction of the environment. The use of DU weapons is one of the most despicable forms of warfare, since its residuals prolonge the war into indefinite time. The aim of the coalition is to ban DU weapons, eliminate the environmental damage caused by uranium weapons use, help the victims, and prevent future damage from such weapons and actions.

The coalition is open to NGOs, groups and individuals who wish to contribute to the realization of their goals.

Place of business of the coalition is the IALANA Office, Marienstr. 19/20, 10117 Berlin, Tel .: 030-20654857.

Anyone wishing to join ICBUW as an organization, representative of an organization or as an individual on the basis of this self-image is kindly invited to do so.


I) Steering Group

  • Prof. Manfred Mohr
    ICBUW Spokesperson, International Lawyer, Founding member IALANA, Germany
  • Ria Verjauw
    ICBUW Spokesperson, Belgian Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons, Belgium
  • Rae Street
    CADU (Campaign Against Depleted Uranium), Founding member, CND activist, UK
  • Prof. Nobuo Kazashi
    Professor of philosophy, NO DU Hiroshima Project, Japan
  • Henk van der Keur
    Natural scientist, LAKA Foundation, Netherlands
  • Jack Cohen-Joppa
    Nuclear Resister newsletter, editor and publisher, US
  • Xanthe Hall
    ICBUW Consultant, Managing director IPPNW, Board member ICAN, Germany
  • Wim Zwijnenburg
    ICBUW Consultant, Security and disarmament desk, PAX, Netherlands

II) Advisory Board

  • Doug Weir,
    Research and Policy Director, The Conflict and Environment Observatory (CEOBS), UK
  • Gretel Munroe,
    Retired nutritionist, US
  • Els de Groen,
    Former MEP, Author, anti-DU activist, Belgium
  • Katsumi Furitsu,
    Lecturer of Hyogo College of Medicine, Department of genetics, Japan
  • Ian Fairlie,
    Consultant on Radioactivity in the Environment, UK
  • Keith Baverstock,
    Specialist in the public health effects of exposure to radioactive materials, Finland/Germany
  • Emmanuel Jacob,
    President EUROMIL, Belgium
  • Angelika Claußen,
    Expert for the health dangers of low radiation relating to Tschernobly and DU, IPPNW European chairperson, Germany
  • Thomas M. Fasy,
    Pathologist, former academic position holder at faculty of Mount Sinai School of Medicine, US
  • Paola Manduca,
    Professor of Genetics, New weapons research group, Italy


  • Ilia Kukin
  • Alexandre Taalba
  • Nadine Isabelle Kas
  • Chloé Bernadaux
  • Eliah Buchholz
  • Arina Shpanova
  • Elena Evangelidis