IPB World Peace Congress 2021: ICBUW Event

7. September 2021 Blog posts, Events and activities, News

Dear Friends,

This year, ICBUW is participating in the IPB World Peace Congress in Barcelona. We kindly invite you to join us – whether in person or online – for the ICBUW Workshop “Victim assistance and environmental remediation: The cases of nuclear and of uranium Weapons”

When: 16.10.21, 15:00-17:15 (CET)

We also invite you to our second (film-)event together with IUFF in Barcelona on “The situation in Serbia after the 1999 NATO aggression involving the use of depleted uranium ammunition” and on NATO test activities devastating Sardinia. 

When: 16.10.21, 19:30-21:00 (CET)

How to participate?

  • Online via Zoom: use this link or find meeting with Meeting-ID: 669 6948 9012 (for both events)
  • In person in Barcelona: register for the congress for free via this link – IPB will also provide you with a confirmation for the visa in case you need one.


Global attention on the environmental dimensions of armed conflicts and military activities is growing. With efforts to strengthen the legal framework preventing environmental damage before, during and after armed conflicts has come increasing recognition of the need to address the long-term consequences for human health and ecosystems.

Victim assistance norms that emerged from dealing with the explosive harm caused by land mines and cluster munitions are now being reimagined to tackle the health and ecological harms from the chemical and radiological pollution caused by conflicts and military activities.

This workshop will examine these emerging norms, how they are developing as part of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and wider efforts to enhance the protection of the environment in relation to armed conflicts, and how they could be applied in the cases of nuclear weapon testing and the use of depleted uranium (DU) weapons. Special attention should be devoted to vulnerable groups like women and children. Altogether, use can be made of a multitude of possible arrangements and procedures.


  • Ria Verjauw (International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons/ICBUW co-chair, icbuw.eu), Introduction and conclusions;
  • Prof. Manfred Mohr (ICBUW co-chair; IALANA Board member), The legal framework for dealing with nuclear and uranium weapons and the consequences of their use;
  • Doug Weir (The Conflict and Environment Observatory, Research and Policy Director, ceobs.org), Principles for victim assistance and environmental remediation for the toxic remnants of war;
  • Sdran Aleksic (Lawyer, Head of Special Legal Team, Nis/Serbia), Legal action for the help of DU victims in Southern Serbia;
  • Nadine-Isabelle Kas (ICBUW Team), Moderation

Film Event:

Presentation of the film “Uranium 238 – My story” by Miodrag Miljkovic (awarded with the
yellow heart of the IUFF) which follows lawyer Sdran Aleksic in his efforts to come to the truth about the consequences of the bombing of Yugoslavia with depleted uranium. Dr. Aleksic will be present for input, updating and discussion. He has just started legal proceedings against NATO on behalf of DU victims. Afterwards, the film “Balentes” by Lisa Camillo will be introduced (awarded as best
documentary at IUFF Berlin 2020) which shows the environmental catastrophe done through
NATO tests to the island of Sardinia and the struggle of the island’s people against it.

See the full programme of the Congress here and a festival teaser here. We sincerely hope to see you there!