New Buzzfeed article on DU

19. Juni 2019 Blog posts, ICBUW
Photo by Christian Werner

The journalists Marius Muenstermann, Tatjana Mischke and Christian Werner of Buzzfeed News Germany spent six years studying the consequences of uranium weapons in the Balkans. They spoke with army representatives, soldiers, relatives, scientists, doctors, politicians and international lawyers. For this research they traveled through the Balkans, Iraq and Italy. For the article, several previously unpublished documents have been evaluated and published as far as possible within the article.

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This research shows once again how people in affected areas suffer from the long-term consequences of uranium weapons. It also becomes clear that German soldiers were also potentially exposed to uranium munitions residues in Kosovo. The Buzzfeed report shows that German soldiers were deployed in areas of Kosovo in 1999, previously bombarded by the U.S. Luftwaffe with uranium projectiles. But not only the uranium weapons deployment in Kosovo is part of this investigation, but also the recent operation of the US Army in Syria in 2015.

We from ICBUW are pleased about this current, detailed and well-documented article on the topic Depleted Uranium. The article is to be recommended to readers who are still unfamiliar with the topic of DU, as well as to readers who have already dealt extensively with the topic. Since the article is in German, decent skills in the German language are required. Precisely through such a detailed examination of the topic, we can manage to keep uranium weapons on the political agenda and, with that, bringing policy makers to rethink the current situation. The goal is clear: To get one step closer to the complete outlawry of uranium weapons and the help for the victims of these operations.