Welcome to our new ICBUW website!

23. Mai 2019 ICBUW, News

We are happy to announce the official start of our new international online portal www.icbuw.eu. This site is now the German and English continuation and summary of the previous ICBUW websites. This new site has been launched right on time for our event highlight „The bombing of former Yugoslavia – 20 years later“ on the 24th of June in Berlin. (https://www.icbuw.eu/invitation-for-the-event-the-bombing-of-former-yugoslavia-with-uranium-ammmunition-20-years-later-on-june-the-24th-at-zeiss-grossplanetarium/)

The ICBUW site has been completely revised and is now even clearer, more modern, more informative. Alongside with our social media appearances, the new ICBUW site is our primary platform for the Anti-Uranium-Weapons campaign. You want to be up to date at any time? Follow us on our social media channels:


www.instagram.com/icbuw.eu/ and


The subject of uranium weapons and their consequences has not settled yet. It requires further, intensified and joint efforts to eliminate this evil once and for all and to help the victims. On the new page there is a lot of relevant information on the health risks of uranium ammunition for humans and the environment, on political issues and developments, opportunities to get involved, materials and much more.

The International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons (ICBUW) is pleased to bring fresh wind to the campaign against uranium weapons with its new internet platform www.icbuw.eu.

Convince yourself by regular visits. At the same time, we are happy about blogs, article suggestions, hints and any kind of feedback.

Use the reboot to join ICBUW and stand by our site fighting against uranium weapons.

Prof. Manfred Mohr

Spokesperson, ICBUW




The old pages

www.bandepleteduranium.org/www.icbuw.org (English) and

www.uranmunition.org (German)

will not be updated after a transitional period; for the time being, they are available as a kind of archive containing important material of ICBUWs activities.