International Uranium Film Festival: IUFF 2021 home edition

12. Mai 2021 Blog posts, Events and activities, ICBUW

The 10th International Uranium Film Festival Rio de Janeiro 2021 will take place from May 20th to 30th – but this year you don’t need to travel to Brazil to take part, because this year’s (anniversary) edition of the festival will (for the first time since it was founded in 2010) be online and freely available to everyone. Although the filmmakers and producers from all over the world were unable to come to Rio because of Corona, large online participation is expected.

The main themes of the festival are the nuclear accident in Fukushima 10 years ago and the nuclear weapons prohibition treaty that came into force in January this year. (see also the IALANA’s appeal on the issue)

The festival is dedicated to the filmmakers, photographers and producers who have faced these difficult issues with courage, creativity and passion. The development and use of nuclear weapons and nuclear accidents such as in Fukushiima cost and threaten the health and lives of millions of people and are also a big threat to the future generations.


The filmmakers of the Uranium Film Festival are commited to tell the truth about the history and uncover the consequences of the military and civilian use of nuclear power. 34 documentaries and films by 26 filmmakers from 15 countries were selected for the IUFF 2021. Two films about Fukushima and one film about the creation of the atomic bomb are world premieres. Six films are Latin America premieres.


The festival program is a mosaic of films by internationally renowned and award-winning directors such as Peter Greenaway as well as young filmmakers such as Peter Anthony, Alessandro Tesei, Brittany Prater and Miguel Silveira, who are well on their way there.


Two live online events complete the mosaic: On May 20, the festival features three atomic bomb survivors from Hiroshima, who live in Brazil, and Akira Kawasaki, coordinator of the Peace Boat Foundation. And on May 24th the festival’s live online guests will be former Brazilian Ambassador Sérgio de Queiroz Duarte who has dedicated his life as a diplomat to end the nuclear threat and Cristian Ricardo Wittmann, member of International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN).


Herewith we want to invite all interested parties – you can visit the festival online from May 20th to 30th via this link. The festival program can be downloaded here. Prof. Manfred Mohr, spokesman for the co-organizer ICBUW, has dedicated a greeting to the festival