New ICBUW Advisory Board constituted

9. Januar 2019 ICBUW, News

ICBUW has founded a new Advisory Board. The organization and in particular its spokespersons Ria Verjauw and Prof. Manfred Mohr as well as the Steering Group are now assisted by a voluntary body that will give advice and recommendations.

The Board consists of scientists, medical doctors, experts, and long-term activists who are familiar with the topic and with whom ICBUW has also worked in the past.

The following could be won for the Advisory Board so far:

  • Doug Weir, Research and Policy Director, The Conflict and Environment Observatory (CEOBS) (Hebden  Bridge, UK);
  • Gretel Munroe, Retired nutritionist (Medford, Massachusetts, US);
  • Els de Groen, Former MEP, Author, anti-DU activist (Belgium);
  • Katsumi Furitsu, Lecturer of Hyogo College of Medicine, Department of genetics (Hyogo, Japan);
  • Ian Fairlie, Consultant on Radioactivity in the Environment (London, UK);
  • Keith Baverstock, Specialist in the public health effects of exposure to radioactive materials (Kuopio, Finland/Bonn, Germany);
  • Emmanuel Jacob, President EUROMIL (Brussels, Belgium);
  • Angelika Claußen, Expert for the health dangers of low radiation relating to Tschernobly and DU, IPPNW European chairperson (Bielefeld, Germany);
  • Thomas M. Fasy, Pathologist, former academic position holder at faculty of Mount Sinai School of Medicine (New York City, New York, US);
  • Paola Manduca, Professor of Genetics, New weapons research group (Genoa, Italy).

ICBUW will be strengthened by a body like the Advisory Board to assist and advice to take the right decisions at the appropriate time. In more concrete terms, the Board could discuss, prepare and approve (draft) policy papers of ICBUW, such as one on draft principles for helping DU affected regions and DU victims. Board members may also inform us about new developments in the DU area (e.g. on use, research, cases).

We are looking forward to a most fruitful cooperation and exchange expressing our great appreciation for joining the Board.